Princess of Power clay

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Princess of Power clay

90's Princess of Power clay doll.


Clays are perfect for bow making , jewelry making (as pendants for bubblegum bead necklaces) , key chain, magnet, planner paper clip, shadow box art and many more uses.

Clay embellishments measure approximately 5.5 cm tall.

*Handmade - all clays are lovingly handmade and as such...

- minimal stains or lint/dust particles may be present 
- Slight differences between the picture and the actual clay may exist
- Please handle the clay with care to reduce breakage and ensure a long and beautiful life

*Please note these are NOT Toys and due to small parts may pose a choking hazard to small children. Please do not leave children  unattended with these embellishments and supervision is recommended.

If you are reselling these on your craft items, please make customers aware of the Potential risks in your listings and on the product card when sending.